What are the Cleaning Conditions for Large Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems?

Jun. 28, 2021

After a period of normal operation, the reverse osmosis membrane elements will soon be contaminated by suspended or insoluble substances that may exist in the feed water. These substances are usually calcium carbonate scale, metal oxide scale, silicon deposits, and organic or inorganic substances. The nature of the pollutants and the pollution speed are related to the water supply conditions. The pollution develops slowly. If no measures are taken early, the pollution will damage the performance of the membrane element in a relatively short period of time. Regular inspection of the overall performance of the system is to determine the membrane element A good way to cause pollution, different pollutants will cause different degrees of damage to the performance of membrane elements. When the reverse osmosis membrane is contaminated, the water production will decrease, and the pressure drop between the inlet and the concentrated water will increase. When one of the following conditions is reached, the membrane equipment should be cleaned.

Reverse Osmosis System Industrial Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis System Industrial Water Treatment

The advantages of large industrial reverse osmosis systems:

1. Imported booster pump is adopted, which is high efficiency, low noise, stable and reliable.

2. On-line water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality changes, to ensure water quality safety.

3. Fully automatic electronic control program, optional touch screen operation, easy to use.

4. Personalized design combined with local water quality to meet demand.

5. The large-scale industrial reverse osmosis system has a high degree of automation, and the workload of operation and maintenance and equipment maintenance is small.

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