A Guide for the Maintenance of Reverse Osmosis System

Jul. 22, 2021

In order to make sure your reverse osmosis system can running at a top performance level, the regular maintenance is essential. As a water analysis integration platform supplier, our company can give you a guide to maintain your reverse osmosis system.

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are ideal to have under your sink to offer you high-quality water to drink, cook with and so on. Therefore, RO systems require regular maintenance to make sure the system keeps on to remove dissolved solids and that the quality of that water stays remains high. 

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Timely Replacement of OR Membrane and RO Filters.

It's very essential to replace the prefilters, the postfilters, and the RO membrane routinely.

All RO systems generally have a sediment or carbon prefilter to reduce disinfectant so that it doesn't contact the membrane, because Chlorine will damage the membrane. It's significant to ensure that the carbon filter has a lot of capability. A good rule of thumb is to change it every year. If the water with high chlorine rates, it may have to be changed every six months. Periodic filter changes serve to help protect the membrane. The postfilter polishes the water as it leaves the storage tank. And a good rule of thumb is to change the postfilter annually.

The RO membrane is the key of the reverse osmosis system. It separates the contaminants from the water molecules. The filters protect the RO membrane. The type of water coming into your RO system determines how often you need to replace the membrane. A membrane on hard water needs replacing every two to three years. A membrane on soft water could last five to seven years, provided that you replace the OR Membrane. If you preserve your reverse osmosis system well, it will last a long time.

Empty the RO storage container.

Occasionally, you should empty the RO storage container. Emptying allows the RO system to totally turn the water in the tank. When you only use a little bit of water, the system only replenishes the top section of the tank. The RO system struggles to put water in that container, and the rejection is not fairly} as good as it was when the container was empty. If you don't use a  large amount of water, drain that tank down every couple of weeks to replace the water and maintain its quality.

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