Do you know the Application Areas of ORP?

Dec. 05, 2020

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Industrial wastewater treatment

The redox system used in water treatment is mainly the reduction of chromic acid and the oxidation of cyanide. If sodium disulfide or sulfur dioxide is added to the wastewater, the hexavalent chromium ions can be turned into trivalent chromium. If chlorine or sodium hypochlorite is added, it can be used to oxidize cyanide, followed by hydrolysis of cyanogen chloride to form cyanate. This chemical reaction process is called a redox reaction system. Redox potential is a measurement of electronic activity, which is very similar to the method of measuring hydrogen ion activity. 

ORP Monitor Meter

ORP Monitor Meter

Water disinfection and application

Redox electrodes can measure the disinfection effect of swimming pool water, mineral water and tap water.

Soil ORP changes

Observe the dynamic changes of ORP in the soil, etc.

For example, after the paddy soil is irrigated to grow rice, the redox status of the soil has changed drastically. There is a kind of paddy soil that is generally maintained at 450-650mV before irrigation. The ORP dropped rapidly after irrigation, and the ORP dropped to minus 200mV to 100mV during the period of vigorous organic matter decomposition, and even to minus 300mV when a large amount of fresh green manure was applied. It will rise again later, generally maintained at 0-200mV. Before the rice was harvested, the soil fell dry and the ORP rose to more than 450 mV (from Yu Tianren, etc., Physical Chemistry of Paddy Soil). To

Applications in other fields

Marine exploration, biological engineering, environmental protection, wine industry and other national economic departments have been widely used.

The relationship between ORP and the human body

The so-called oxidation-reduction potential is used to reflect the macroscopic oxidation-reduction performance of all substances in the aqueous solution. The higher the redox potential, the stronger the oxidation, and the lower the potential, the weaker the oxidation. A positive potential indicates that the solution shows a certain degree of oxidation, and a negative potential indicates that the solution shows reduction. The ORP redox test is suitable for measuring the negative potential value of functional energy water purifiers, electrolyzers and energy water cups with negative potential and other requirements.

The health action mechanism of negative potential water has the following points:

1. The PH value of negative potential water is alkalescent, which is beneficial to balance the blood lactic acid produced by overwork (mental and physical) in the human body, so that people can recover from fatigue as soon as possible;

2. Negative potential water has higher ion calcium content, which is a healthy element beneficial to the human body;

3. Due to the high solubility of negative potential water, strong penetrating power, and certain emulsifying ability for oil, it is beneficial to alleviate the symptoms of high blood viscosity and high blood viscosity caused by high protein and high calorie diet;

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