What are the Storage Conditions for Reverse Osmosis Membranes?

Jun. 07, 2021

With the widespread application of water purification equipment in the water treatment industry, reverse osmosis membranes are gradually being valued. The cost of reverse osmosis membranes is one of the most concerned issues for consumers. Good maintenance can help extend the service life of reverse osmosis membranes.

After the equipment test runs, we protect the reverse osmosis membrane in two ways. The equipment test machine runs for two days (15-24h), and then uses 2% formaldehyde solution for maintenance; or after running for 2-6h, uses 1% NaHSO3 aqueous solution to maintain the reverse osmosis membrane (the air in the equipment pipeline should be exhausted. To ensure that the equipment does not leak, close all inlet and outlet valves). Both methods can achieve satisfactory results. The first method is more expensive and is used when the idle time is long, and the second method for maintaining the reverse osmosis membrane is used when the idle time is short.

Commercial RO Membrane

Commercial RO Membrane

Storage conditions of reverse osmosis membrane elements

(1) New film (before use)

①The membrane element must always be kept in a wet state. Even when it is necessary to temporarily open the same package to confirm the quantity of the same package, it must be in a state without puncturing the plastic bag. This state should be stored until the time of use.

②When storing in an atmosphere over 10℃, avoid direct sunlight and choose a well-ventilated place. At this time, the storage temperature should not exceed 35°C.

③If it freezes, it will be physically damaged, so take heat preservation measures and don't freeze it.

(2) Membrane element after passing water

①The membrane element must be kept in a dark place at all times, the storage temperature should not exceed 35℃, and direct sunlight should be avoided.

②It may freeze when the temperature is below 0℃, so anti-freezing measures should be taken.

③The composite series of membrane elements should be immersed in pure water or reverse osmosis filtered water containing stored chemicals (sodium bisulfite, 500-1000mg/L, pH 3-6).

④ When storing under any circumstances, the membrane should not be kept in a dry state.

⑤ The concentration and pH value of the preservation solution must be kept within the above range, and regular inspections are required. If it may deviate from the above range, prepare the preservation solution again.

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